Windshield Chip Repair Services We Can Come to You!


Our auto windshield chip repair service is a convenient way to take care of annoying and unavoidable rock chip damage because we have mobile auto glass repair services that can come to your home or workplace!

In addition to the convenience of coming to your location, our rock chip repair services will:

  • Retain the factory seal
  • Be completed in less than 30 minutes
  • Usually be free with comprehensive insurance coverage

With busy schedules we know there is never a good time for rock chip repair of your windshield. That is why we offer full mobile auto glass repair services that will show up at your location with professional technicians to complete your windshield repair and have you back on the road within 30 minutes!

Call for the expert services of Protech Auto Glass today to avoid further compromise of your windshield.

Fast and Convenient Rock Chip Repair Services


If you are in need of rock chip repair services, we recommend windshield chip repair at your earliest possible convenience to avoid additional damage or compromise to your windshield.

Because the windshield glass is not removed during the windshield chip repair, the integrity of the original factory seal is not compromised or affected. However, the importance of the repair is restoration of the integrity of the glass by avoiding subsequent cracking and breaking.

By calling us for mobile auto glass repair services, you can expect to receive:

  • A convenient method of windshield repair at your location
  • Original factory seal retention
  • Completion of repairs in less than 30 minutes
  • Insurance paperwork handled by us

If you require chip repair or other auto glass repair services, call us for courteous expert services!

Why Call Us When You Need Auto Glass Repair?


No matter what kind of windshield damage you may have, repairing the windshield protects its structural integrity.

It is critical to have windshield chip repair or rock chip repair as quickly as possible to avoid spreading of the chip or crack.

Because we can provide services with our mobile auto glass repair, you will benefit in the following ways by calling us:

  • Convenience of windshield chip repair completed at your home or workplace
  • We handle the insurance paperwork
  • Quick response – the repair is completed within 30 minutes
  • Avoidance of further compromise or cracking of your windshield
  • A rock chip repair avoids windshield replacement and breaking the factory seal

You can count on our mobile glass repair to use the same high-quality standards and precision technology of our repair shop, so you can come to us, or we’ll come to you!

Call Protech Auto Glass for the highest quality vehicle glass repair or replacement services in the area. And remember, we handle the insurance paperwork! 425-242-1140